BlackWake Server Hosting

We offer premium BlackWake Server Hosting through our custom TC-Admin 2.0 control panel with 24/7 support and full one click mod setup.
Locations: United Kingdom, France, Germany and North America!

  • Cluster and Cross Travel Support
  • SteamWorkshop & BlackWake API mod installer
  • Epic Games and Steam compatibility plus cross play
  • GameUserSettings.ini & Game.ini Config Tools for a simple setup
  • Switch between all the DLC maps, custom maps, and total conversion mods
  • 5Ghz Ryzen / i9 hardware with SSD NVMe drives and 10Gbps uplinks

£ 10.00 /mo

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Why host your server at EasyEUHosting?

EasyEUHosting offers the best BlackWake Server Hosting. Heres why...

Cross Travel Clusters

Full cross travel support. We allow you to host as many servers as you want and travel between them all with your Dinos and gear.

Instant Activation

Your BlackWake server hosting is instantly deployed to our infrastructure once payment is verified and is online and joinable within 10 minutes.

48 Hour Refund

If you're unhappy or no longer need our service within 48-Hours of purchase, you'll be given a full refund.

Backup and Restore

Never fall victim to currupt saves again by enabling automatic daily backups. Need to roll back, simple click restore and select the save you want to load.

Mod Installer

We have full SteamWorkshop intergration giving you one click mod installs on thousands of mods. We also offer full BlackWake API Support enabling you to load plugins

Cross Play

We offer full Epic Games and Steam compatibility. Lock your server down to one platform or enable cross play to allow everyone to join, no matter there platform.

DDoS Protection

Game 1600Gbps Anti-DDoS.

All of our TC-Admin based game server hosting is proteced by 1600Gbps Voxility DDoS protection with layer 7 filtering and custom game filtering algorithms. All traffic is ran through permenant data filtering to ensure zero interuption to service, even when a DDoS attack first hits.

10Gbps Network Connection.

All of our BlackWake Server Hosting is provided through a direct 10Gbps dedicated connection

Want something with more power? Get a Dedicated Servers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About BlackWake Hosting

Here are some common questions our clients ask about our BlackWake Server Hosting.

How long before my BlackWake server hosting is online?
  • Our BlackWake dedicated server hosting is deployed to our infrastructure instantly on payment verification then take 5 minutes download from the Steam servers.

    Your BlackWake Server will be joinable in a matter of minutes.

Do you support Epic Games Versions of BlackWake
  • We both offer server hosting for the Steam and Epic game versions of BlackWake alongside having full cross play support!

    Play with your friends no matter where they own the game! Simple change your command line to change your version.

Do you offer BlackWake Cluster Hosting?
  • We offer full local cluster support for zero latency transfer, simply order multiple servers and open a ticket asking for us to create the cluster for you.

    We offer cluster discounts! Submit a ticket if you need multiple servers and we'll give you a qoute.

What hardware do you use for BlackWake Server Hosting?
  • We host our servers on the latest, high frequency hardware. All of the data centers we locate in our tier 1 providers and each machine has a dedicated 10Gbps Connection.

    Our new main hardware spec

    • Ryzen 3950x 4.7Ghz

    • 128GB DDR4 RAM

    • 1TB SSD nVMe

    • 10Gbps Dedicated Connection

    • 1600Gbps Anti-DDoS Game

What control panel do i get with my BlackWake Game Server?