Ark server hosting updates

  • Saturday, 27th February, 2021
  • 01:32am

Updates to ark server hosting config

We have changed how we cluster servers in order to prevent bugs / crashing on transfer, what this means for your server? You will need to click "More" and then click "create cluster directory" on the next reboot if you are using a clustered server. You'll also need to go to the command line manager and set a new clusterID. 

We have also added literally every single variable we could think of to the config editor :smile: and of course, you still maintain rich file access. ( Unlimited) 

We've also now allowed the web console to be viewed via the panel thanks to the fact we've changed how the server runs within TC-Admin so that'll help people diagnose plugin / mod issues 

If anyone needs any help with this shoot me a dm.


There is a script i have left running overnight that will update all existing ark hosting services and that will be done by the morning. It will upgrade existing installs to the new config alongside creating a unique user for our cluster solution. 

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