Rust Forced Update Released and Rust Browser Fixes

  • Thursday, 4th March, 2021
  • 19:35pm

As I'm sure many people are aware, there are quite a few issues with the server browser. You will likely never be able to see every Rust server out there due to the how Steam implements this functionality, but it can be improved. I made a few internal changes to the server browser to improve discoverability of servers:

Empty servers are now hidden by default

Unless you're on the official, friends, history, or favorites tabs (they will always be shown here)

Note: This means you will need to enable showing empty servers sometimes

The "Show Empty" filter will now apply filtering within Steam

This means when "Show Empty" is off you should see no empty servers and see more of them

Toggling the "Show Empty" filter will force a refresh of the community and modded tabs

I also made the tags look less terrible. We're working towards a UI refresh for the server browser so the filtering will improve even more in the future. We're also always working on cleaning up the server list to remove servers that are spamming, advertising, or lying to try and get ahead.

This isn't a great fix but its good enough to largely remove the issue.

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