Planned downtime on UK nodes

  • 4th July 2021

As mentioned before we will be upgrading our UK rack space, this will result in a down time of roughly 3 hours starting between the hours of 10AM and 3pm

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Dallas Node Ports

  • 25th June 2021

All hardware changes have been made and completed on our Dallas location and we now boast HiveVelocity DDoS protection in this DC.

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  • 13th May 2021
LIMITED STOCK OF UK SERVERS    We just had 2 UK servers come available! These are available for instant deployment and include FREE setup.  Can be reinstalled with Windows OS of your choice for a £20 setup. As you may know, our UK servers have been out running very limited stock the last few months! These will go fast.    Spec ...
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Rust Forced Update Released and Rust Browser Fixes

  • 4th March 2021
As I'm sure many people are aware, there are quite a few issues with the server browser. You will likely never be able to see every Rust server out there due to the how Steam implements this functionality, but it can be improved. I made a few internal changes to the server browser to improve discoverability of servers: Empty servers are now ...
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