PDU failure Dallas #3, #6, #12. RESOLVED

  • 30th June 2022
8:57 30/06/2022 The Dallas location where we deploy our US infrastructure is reporting a partial power failure due to a dead PDUs which has effected 3 of our systems, they are on site and working on this now. Will be posting updates once we have them   This notice only effects you if your servers are on the following IPs.   -  ...
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UK Dedicated Server Stock List:

  • 11th June 2022
Below we have a few specials we have up for grabs;   All of the below will be deployed within 2 weeks of order, is sold with full protection and is without contract or commitment   Stock: 1 • 2x E5 2620v4  • 386GB DDR4 RAM • ...
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Unturned Server Hosting Launch

  • 1st June 2022
More good news.... We are excited to announce the launch of our highly affordable Unturned server hosting from only £5 per month for 20 slots!!!  - No RAM or CPU Limits  - SSD only storage  - 12Tbps anycast network/DDoS protection   - CPUs over 3.5Ghz  - Full SteamWorkshop mod integration    Deploy your server here: ...
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