How to improve Rust server performance

1. Hardware

You will see dramatically better server performance when using server providers that use faster CPUs clocked upwards of 4 GHz. This is because Unity core functions are single threaded, meaning they can only be ran on one core. At EUGameHost we use CPU's clocked up to 4.7Ghz for this reason.

Things like AI and other map related objects on the other hand can be ran across multiple cores which is why all good hosting providers should offer the option to to have extra cores for higher population servers, and should only be hosting Rust servers on higher frequency CPU’s.

2. Plugins

Avoid having to many plugins on your server since this can have a detrimental impact on performance with many plugins having entity leaks and overall damaging performance.

3. Commands to improve performance

  • batching.colliders "0" - This removes the need for the server to batch entitys. This provides a massive performance boost since with it enabled when some one builds the server has to unbatch and then batch all related entitys. You must note that if your server goes over 265k entitys you will need to re-enable it to get around the Unity enttiy limit.
  • fps.limit "265" - This command allows you to set the server side FPS. We recommend setting it to 265 but any thing over 60 is suitable.
  • server.fps - This command allows you to view your current server side FPS. If your performance is bad you will see large drops in.
  • nav_disable "true" - This will disable navmesh on your server. Doing this will break animal AI but providers a massive performance boost.
  • gc.interval "90000" - Garbage collection is known to cause lag spikes on servers, especially those with a lot of plugins. Doing this will essentially stop this proccess from happening helping to reduce lag spikes.
  • server.saveinterval "600" - You may experience server side FPS drops when the server saves on high entity servers. Increasing the duration between saves helps to keep this to a minimum
  • server.encryption "0" - This disables the encryption between clients over voice chat and will improve performance both server side and for clients.


Please note this guide is a working progress.

  • How to improve Rust server performance, How to increase Rust server FPS
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