How to install a rust staging server

How to install a Rust Staging Server

Test the new Rust Vehicles and features!


Panel Based Game Server

To test the latest Rust vehicles and other features simply stop your server and click the "Staging" button in the panel, this will update your server to the latest version of the Rust staging server and allow you to test all of the new game features. To revert back to a normal server just run the "Steam Update" . You can keep and switch between saves for different versions of the game.


Dedicated Rust server 


echo off


C:\Users\admin\Desktop\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\{RustServerFiles}\Update +app_update 258550 validate +quit




To install a Rust staging server on your dedicated server machine simply take your standard install script and change the following value "+app_update 258550 -beta staging" This will switch you from the standard branch to staging. If copying the above make sure to change the directory to the location of your install of Steam CMD and the install directory to your Rust servers location.




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