Our hardware standard

Why we use different hardware for each game

So one of the ways we keep prices low here is via using set hardware standards for each based on the title's average resource usages. This is to ensure an even load on nodes and improve efficiency. On top of this some games are better suited to certain hardware types, ie games like Rust use Unity which has very poor multithreaded performance so they benefit greatly from being allocated to a lower number of higher clocked threads. 


Our hardware standard for pretty much all games including Rust, 7D2D & Conan exiles

i9 9900k, Ryzen 3600x, Ryzen 3700x, Ryzen 3900x. All between 4 and 5Ghz all cores. 


2x1TB SSD NVMe drives in soft raid.


For Ark Survival Evolved

Again to hit our target of the £5 ark server we had to use different hardware setups. Ark comparatively used very little CPU usage compared to RAM, we used to see 128GB I9s running at 80% RAM usage while only 20% of the CPU was being utilized on average. This is an outright waste so to both improve efficiency and meet our price point we came up with a different solution. 


For our Ark servers, we use high memory servers with 256GB to 512GB of RAM per node.  These are equipped with a fairly high-core CPU running at least 4Ghz all cores but up to 4.5Ghz. For these, the latest Xeon, EPYC, or Threadripper CPUs are utilized.  

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