DDoS Protection

A summary of DDoS Protection at EUGameHost.com


Standard Protection:

Our standard DDoS protection used on our budget games servers is an automatic arbor solution. This has a rough capacity of 700Gbps. All servers are ported punched meaning only game traffic on the correct protocol is able to reach your server and we work actively taking captures of attack meaning we stay up to date on patching new methods should they arise. In summary our standard protection is highly capable. 

Premium Protection.

We offer our premium DDoS protection in the United Kindom, Dallas and France. 

EUGameHost operates its own network infrastructure and has in-line appliances to deal with DDoS attacks. All traffic is run through the DDoS mitigation infrastructure at all times, and as such there is no activation delay as with many other providers.

Our overall protection capacity varies based on the type of attack, as in some cases upstream mitigation techniques may be leveraged to offload our internal infrastructure.

Any type of amplification attacks are outright blocked by means of static ACL configurations. Meaning no matter the size or scale of for example a DNS amplification flood, it will not hurt your clients.

In any case, EUG's mitigation infrastructure is capable of absorbing attacks of several hundreds of gbps and our systems are able to propagate filtering policies upstream to our carriers over BGP flowspec if necessary to further offload our own systems.

Due to the high amount of malicious traffic originating from China and Russia users originating from these countries are generally restricted in our Dallas location. They represent far less than 1% of legitimate traffic, but are responsible for more than 90% of all malicious traffic hitting our network.

We offer application-level filtering for a large number of top titles such as FiveM, Rust, Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved, Arma 3, and 7D2D. These filter policies ensure only authenticated game traffic can reach the server making DDoSing one of these nodes near impossible. 

Use of Private lines to improve latency on game servers.

We use a variety of private lines in order to improve the stability of our global network and stop you falling victim to congestion on public transit ports. One of the issues in the states for example, is that Comcast who is a very large residential provider is known to let their transit ports get congested which can and will cause disconnects, lag, and high latency for players/users connected to your server.

As a result, we pay Comcast to have direct connections into their network to ensure people can play lag free with the lowest ping possible. We’re working on similar arrangements with Charter/Spectrum and AT&T at which point the vast majority of our user's traffic will be flowing through private lines towards those isps.

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