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How to add a header image

To get your own image on the rust server your image has to follow these rules:

Be hosted on a publicly accessible website (

Must be 512x256 pixels

Must be a .png file

Once you have an image that meets these rules you can make it appear on your server in the game by following these instructions below.


Login to the Control Panel and login with your credentials.

Click  on ‘Game Services’

Click on your 'Rust Service'

(IP is just for refrence, you will have your own IP in the panel)

Click on the ‘Stop’ Button

Open the 'Configuration Files' Section

Edit the 'server.cfg' file using the 'Text Editor'

Add in the following:


(Replace the example URL with your direct image link)

After, Press the 'Save and Exit' Button

Now click back onto your server, and then press the ‘Start’ Button

Once your server has started up, your header image should show on your server overview.


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