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How to load a custom Rust Map

Login to the Control Panel and login with your credentials.

Click  on ‘Game Services’

Click on your 'Rust Service'

(IP is just for refrence, you will have your own IP in the panel)

Click on the ‘Stop’ Button

Open the 'Configuration Files' Section

Edit the 'server.cfg' file using the 'Text Editor'

Add in the following:

server.levelurl "https://examplesite.com/maps/myrustmap?dl=1"

You MUST include 'dl=1' because maps must be loaded from the direct source.

After, Press the 'Save and Exit' Button

Now click back onto your server, and then press the ‘Start’ Button

We also recommend wiping the server to map sure the map loads correctly.

You can find a guide for wiping servers here.


How to upload your custom map to dropbox

First go to dropbox.com

Sign-in with your account or sign-up if you don't have one yet

Then find the 'Upload' Button

Once the file has uploaded, it will show inside your drive

Right-click the file and select 'Copy Link'

Make sure to change the end of the URL to dl=1

After you have the link, please read the first section of this guide on how to install the map onto your server.



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