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Discord Linking System (PAID)

You can find it here!

Product Features

Web-Based Discord & Steam Login

Verification Rewards – Reward players for linking their Discord & Steam together.

Steam Group Rewards – Reward players instantly for joining your Steam Group.

Nitro Boost Rewards – Reward players in-game that Nitro Boost your Discord.

Discord Bot – A provided Discord bot allows you to search all verified players given a Discord ID or Steam ID. This can help to quickly identify players in your Discord or In Game.

Custom API – A custom API is provided that allows you to develop your own things around the system. Some customers have made ticket bots that only allow verified users to open a ticket, and displays their Steam Information upon making a ticket.

Website – The website is designed and ready to go after a few configuration steps. It is designed in HTML & CSS so it is easy to adjust and change as some customers have already done.

No Discord Extension! – This plugin does not rely on the Discord Extension.. which means random crashes, and bots timing out are no longer a thing. I made the system and plugin with performance in mind, so the plugin uses a queuing system to hand out rewards, or allows for use of a command to do it.

Oxide -> Discord Role Sync – Roles are synced from Oxide to Discord. All roles you configure will be synced after the plugin is loaded. Existing roles will not be, but all roles going forward will be.


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