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How to Connect to Your Rust Server

To get started, you need to identify the address of the server you want to join. If you own a EUGameHost Rust Server, you can find your server's address on our Control Panel. This will be labeled as 'Connection Info', as shown in the screenshot below.

In the example above, the server address is Breaking this down, the Server IP is the set of numbers before the : symbol, and after this are the last five numbers which are the Server Port.


Connecting using Rust's in game console

Once Rust has launched, hit the F1 key to open the game console. Make sure that CONSOLE is selected in the top left of your screen.

With your server's address, type the command client.connect <IP:port>. Then hit Enter.


Connecting Via Steam Server Viewer

On the top left of the Steam app, navigate to View > Servers

Here you can view all your favorite servers, connect to them, and even add new ones. In order to add a server, click on Add a Server.

On the Add Server window, enter the IP of your server into the dialog box, then click Add this Address to Favorites.

Once a server has been added as a favorite, click on the server then click the Connect button in the bottom right to join it.


Connecting Via Rust’s Server List

After Launching Rust, click on Play Game. From here you will be able to connect to any Rust server. In order to connect to your server you will need to select from 1 of 4 tabs:

Community For Vanilla Rust servers. Simply search by your name.
Modded For Oxide Rust servers. As before, search by your name.
Favorited Any server's you have favorited or added to Steam's server viewer.
History Any server's you have joined before.


Once you have found your server, click on it to open the connection window.

Click on the Join Server button to join.

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