Counterstrike Global
Offensive Server Hosting

  • 12Tbps Anycast DDoS Protection & A2S Caching
  • CPUs Over 3.8Ghz & SSD Only Storage
  • 1 Click Umod Plugin Installer
  • Custom Maps, CS:GOEdit, CS:GOIO, DiscordEXT, Oxide Sandbox Supported
  • Plans From £4.50 ($5.28/€5.19) Per Month

Why Choose Our Counterstrike Global Offensive Server Hosting?

We are a popular game focused service provider founded in 2017 and we have sold over 5k servers since our start. Rent cheap CS:GO hosting that doesn't skimp on quality, you just pay less for it.

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Instant Setup

Our CS:GO servers are ready to go within seconds. Hop on and play or get to modding away! Your new game server will be hosted in one of our quality datacenter locations and online 24/7

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Global Server Locations

The lowest latency comes from a location in the same region as your playerbase! Thankfully we can deploy our CS:GO servers in the UK, Germany, Dallas Texas, New York and Singapore!

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Easy setup & Unlimited Access

Simple to use UI config editing tools to get all you server noobs started stress free or go crazy with unlimited file access allowing for custom DLLs and advanced startup variables!

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FREE Offsite Backups

There is nothing worse than losing hours of game time to corrupted saves and servers. We take the stress out of game hosting with free georedundant offsite backups of both your plugin files and main server save keeping our gamers progress safe!

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Amazing Reviews

We founded EUGameHost back in 2017 with a passion for gaming! We are highly reviewed with a 5 STAR rating based on over 250 reviews and have over 5k deployed orders since our launch! We know you'll love your new CS:GO server so we offer a 2 day moneyback guarantee.

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Say GoodBye To Lag

We know how much laggy servers suck! That's why we never oversell our game hosting and run your CS:GO server on enterprise server hardware with SSD drives and clockspeeds over 3.8Ghz giving you high FPS all the time and putting an end to pesky save lag!

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Rent cheap CS:GO hosting that doesn't skimp on quality, you just pay less for it. Your CS:GO server will be lag free, always online, hosted on quality hardware & protected by permanent 12Tbps Anycast DDoS mitigation featuring full Umod plugin and custom map support and A2S caching services.

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CS:GO Server Features

  • Instant Server Setup
  • Xeon or Ryzen CPUs 3.8 to 4.5Ghz
  • Only SSD Storage
  • TC-Admin Control Panel
  • 2 Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • 12Tbps DDoS Protection
  • Advanced CS:GO Plugin Support
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  • Guaranteed No Lag Or Dysnc
  • High-Performance Hardware
  • 5 Global Locations
  • Switch Games Any Time
  • Daily Backups Available
  • Full FTP Access
  • Customized Autoscaling
  • Simplified Deployments

12Tbps Anycast DDoS protection, Market leading!

We bring your CS:GO server community the power of the Path.net 12Tbps anycast network. Path are the market leaders in game server DDoS protection and we proudly offer their protection to our clients!

  • 1.3Tbps+

    Largest DDoS Attack
  • 12Tbps

    Global Anycast Network
  • 5473+

    Total Servers Deployed (August 2022)

Frequently Asked Question

Here are answers to our most common questions about our CS:GO server hosting, if yours isn't there just fire over a message via Discord or Ticket.

Your new CS:GO server will be deployed to our system within seconds and ready to join and play after only a few minutes!

Our CS:GO servers are hosted on either Intel Xeon or Ryzen CPUs blocked between 3.8 and 4.5Ghz. Below are typical hardware specs for our different locations. These systems are all capable of handling servers with large maps and lots of mods / plugins without issue even at higher populations.

CPU: i9 9900k W-2145
RAM: 128 to 256GB

United Kingdom
CPU: 2xE5 2690 or 2x2677v2
RAM: 256 to 386GB

Dallas Texas
CPU: 2xE5 2690 or 2x2677v2
RAM: 256 to 386GB

New York
CPU: 2xE5 2690 or 2x2677v2
RAM: 256 to 386GB

Yes of course! We are a specialised game server provider and have both a number of one click mod installs alongside unlimited file access to upload and run whatever mods you want!

We have both public test servers and can offer you a free trial on which you can setup and stress test your server before commiting to buy. Below are IPs for locations and test servers to join and play on...

Test IPs
US. Dallas Texas: (12Tbps Anti-DDoS)
EU. Frankfurt Germany: (12Tbps Anti-DDoS)
UK. United Kingdom London: (12Tbps Anti-DDoS)
NY. New York City: (700Gbps Anti-DDoS)

You can upgrade or downgrade your server at anytime without any admin charges, our hosting is sold without contract or commitment!

Read our customer reviews

We are regularly rated 5 stars by our customers and with over 250+ reviews on TCS:GOpilot, see for yourself why you can tCS:GO us to power your CS:GO server community!

Provokatze YT
CS:GO Server

Top service and always friendly! From all that server hosts out there i prefer EUGameHost. The service is top, they are always quick with responding and can help me with all the struggles around my servers. What i really value is the communication with their clients, you get updated about whats going on with your server, if there is a incoming maintenance, issues or what ever. And on top, all for an affordable price.

star rating
Dan Owen
CS:GO Server

Best server company by far, the customer server is 100/100 you will not find better these guys have spent hours helping me today.

star rating
Ark Server

The lowest cost Ark hosting I could find, and it works great. Neither my son or I had any previous experience with setting up a server but it was pretty easy and the site's guide videos really helped.

star rating
CS:GO/Dedi Server

I've used EUGameHost for both a Dedicated Server and VPS, and can say they're one of the easiest hosts to work with. Their support is 10/10, there's always someone able to help you, even if it's a random question about software. Both Machines I have/had ran perfectly fine with high player counts, with no stability issues. Highly recommend EUGameHost over other providers.

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Ready to game?

We've got you covered! Order your new CS:GO server today, it'll be online in minutes and capable of supporting large maps, many players and advanced mods & plugins!