Dedicated Game Servers! Root dedicated machines designed for gaming and hosted in Germany!

Premium Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Game Servers

Dedicated Game Servers

Gaming Dedicated Servers Hosted In Germany!

Dedicated Game Server. We offer a specialist range of Gaming Dedicated Servers with full root access and custom game hosting filtering. If you looking for an affordable yet powerful machine, EUGameHost is the best solution. Our premium range of dedicated servers are hosted in Germany close to the Voxility data center, we are a tier 1 provider and offer you a range of dedicated servers designed for gaming and protected by Voxility!

1600Gbps Anti-DDoS Game

Here at we bring you only the best, we bring you the Voxility Anti-DDoS game!

Anti-DDoS Game uses specific permanent L7 mitigation, which is reserved for our Game servers. Protection is constantly enabled, which means that traffic filtering is continuous. As the name suggests, Anti-DDoS Game specifically targets certain gaming and communication protocols and comes with DDoS mitigation profiles tailred to many types of game server including Rust, Ark and Garry’s Mod. Protect your server with 1600Gbps of DDoS mitigation.

Dedicated Game Server TC-Admin 2.0 Addon

Of course, we provide full root access to our machines, however, we give you the option to link your dedicated server machine up to our TC-Admin panel, this allows you to manage your game services via our ergonomic custom panel which is great if you are still learning or want to limit admin access to your server. Use the panel to resell game servers to cover the cost of your machine or even start your own hosting

1600Gbps Anti-DDoS

We protected you with permanent Voxility 1600Gbps Anti-DDoS Game, Layer 7 protection with game filtering algorithms. This premium hosting solution.

Operating Systems

We support all major Linux and Windows operating systems. Server 2012, 2016, 2019 and many Linux Distributions.

Included with your server:

1 to 10Gbps Bandwith.
Anti-DDoS Game.
Up to 253IP addresses.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee.
Install any operating system.

Knowledge base

We guarantee you a minimum availability of 99.8% per year, which can be expanded with SLA.

Manged Game Hosting

We're a managed dedicated server provider offering our clients support in setting up Windows game servers with options on using our TC-Admin 2.0 panel.

A managed solution has run and still runs several large gaming communities. We are highly able and confident in helping you configure both your game server and root dedicated server.

100% Green Electricity

We only use green electricity from renewable sources and thus contribute to environmental protection. The future of dedicated server hosting!

DDoS Mitigation

Pay as you grow - We offer you variable upgrades and downgrades, according to your personal needs.

GPM 1 


AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

8 Core 16 Threads 4.3Ghz 



30TB 1Gbps

1600Gbps Voxility Anti-DDoS

FREE OS Installation



AMD Ryzen 3900x

12 Core 24 Threads 4.6Ghz



30TB 1Gbps

1600Gbps Voxility Anti-DDoS

FREE OS Installation



AMD Ryzen 3950x

16 Core 32 Threads 4.7Ghz



30TB 1Gbps

1600Gbps Voxility Anti-DDoS

FREE OS Installation



AMD Ryzen 3950x

16 Core 32 Threads 4.7Ghz



30TB 1Gbps

1600Gbps Voxility Anti-DDoS

FREE OS Installation

Install this free VoIP software on your dedicated server to enjoy its features during your games. It is widely used on Minecraft or Rust servers, for exchanges between players.

Win against your opponents when you play multiplayer games, in training or competitions, with TeamSpeak voice chat. Create chat channels for each game your community plays.

Run private games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike Source on a Game dedicated server. Performance and fluidity are optimised for your tournaments.

Host Rust on a Game dedicated server to enjoy all the power of this range. Survive as long as possible!

Protect yourself against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks during your long DayZ sessions, with 500Gbps Anti-DDoS Protection. Unlike conventional protection, it is specially designed for gaming servers.

Give free rein to your creativity in this space-themed sandbox adventure game. There’s no limit to the possibilities when you host Starbound on a Game server.

Space Engineers
Play Space Engineers on your own server, and create breathtaking spaceships and stations.

Create your private ATLAS server with the flexibility and power of a dedicated server machine.

The most popular sandbox multi-player game on the market. Manage your Minecraft servers, and add all the mods you want.

Explore maps filled with dinosaurs, ready to eat you up! Domesticate them, then train them to protect you and collect resources — without having to worry about whether your server is working properly.

Become the most popular Arma community with a Game dedicated server, ready to host hundreds of hours of activity.

Garry’s Mod
Get the most out of the Garry’s Mod source engine, with the Game range of servers. Build “mods” freely, for memorable gameplay.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrouds (PUBG)
Host your PUBG gaming parties on an EUGameHost dedicated game server, specially designed to bring you unparalleled performance and fluidity.

Team Fortress
For private online gaming sessions, you can offer your customers private Team Fortress servers.

Stay alive for as long as possible in Unturned, a free-to-play zombie game.

Play Left 4 Dead 2’s different gaming modes in private mode, on a server specially designed for online gaming.

We also offer an amazing range of managed panel based hosting.
A modern solution to game server hosting.

We have a massive range of manged TC.Admin 2.0 game server hosting in the United Kindom, France, Germany, and New York. We can confidently say we of the best cheap game server hosting on the market with our high-end hardware, zero-tolerance overselling policy and modern control panel with tones of one-click mod installs and easy setup configuration editors.