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No Minimum Contract Duration

We don’t lock you in or trap you with contracts or cancellation notice periods. Order your EPYC dedicated servers in Frankfurt on a monthly rolling bill.

Powerful Hardware

Our Frankfurt location is 100% company-owned and features high-end enterprise EPYC dedicated servers, perfect for gaming server systems and VPS providers.

Tier 3 Datacenter

We operate in a Tier 3, ISO27001-certified data center located in Frankfurt, Germany, with FM200 fire suppression, ensuring both security and redundancy.

EPYC 7401P


Top Features

  • EPYC 7401P
    24 core 48 threads
    2Ghz(3Ghz Turbo)
  • 256GB RAM DDR4
  • 3.8TB SSD Enterprise NVMe
  • 10Gbps port (20TB/month)

EPYC 7551P


Top Features

  • EPYC 7511P
    32 core 64 threads
    2Ghz(3Ghz Turbo)
  • 512GB RAM DDR4
  • 3.8TB SSD Enterprise NVMe
  • 10Gbps port (20TB/month)

EPYC 7402P



Top Features

  • EPYC 7402P
    24 core 48 threads
    2.8Ghz(3.35Ghz Turbo)
  • 256GB RAM DDR4
  • 3.8TB SSD Enterprise NVMe
  • 10Gbps port (20TB/month)

EPYC 7502


Top Features

  • EPYC 7502
    32 core 64 threads
    2.5Ghz(3.35Ghz Turbo)
  • 512 RAM DDR4
  • 3.8TB SSD Enterprise NVMe
  • 10Gbps port (20TB/month)
Protect Your Gaming Community Today

Cosmic Guard or Anycast DDoS Mitigation

Cosmic Guard and stand as the pinnacle of cyber defense, delivering an unparalleled 17Tbps of Anycast DDoS protection. Engineered by the innovators at Cosmic, this advanced shield extends across the essential Layers 3 to 7, incorporating revolutionary XDP technology alongside our exclusive, stateful cloud firewall. This combination offers unmatched resilience against digital threats.

Positioned strategically in over 50 of the planet's key internet nodes, Cosmic Guard ensures your enterprise EPYC dedicated server's IPv4 is broadcast from every node in our network. This means DDoS attacks are efficiently neutralized closer to their origin, safeguarding your digital presence with both precision and scale. Welcome to Cosmic Guard, where formidable technology meets global reach to protect your online world.

  • Rust
  • Ark Survival Evolved
  • CS:GO
  • Counter Strike 2
  • Five M
  • Garry's Mod
  • Dayz
  • Arma
  • Counter Strike Source
  • Team Speak

  • Open VPN/WireGuard
  • Minecraft
  • Half Life 2
  • SAMP
  • Squad
  • SCP
  • V Rising
  • CS 1.6
  • And Many More Games & Applications
Incredible features

EPYC Dedicated Servers

Features of Our AMD EPYC Enterprise Dedicated Servers Located In Frankfurt, Germany

EPYC Hardware

Our enterprise dedicated server range features powerful EPYC hardware, designed specifically for game server hosts and VPS providers.

White Label Firewall

Our DDoS manager allows you to fully leverage Cosmic DDoS protection. You can apply firewall rules and filters directly to the edge network. We also offer support to help you configure your advanced security firewall, ensuring your Frankfurt dedicated server adheres to best practices.

Custom Shop Hardware

We can build and rack any server system you need. Contact our support team with your requirements, and we’ll provide you with a price for your custom dedicated server. We ask for a 6-month prepaid commitment at the agreed monthly price, after which there is no further billing commitment.

Cosmic & Path Protection

Our entire German server rack in Frankfurt is protected by always-on Cosmic 17Tbps anycast DDoS protection, along with Path protection. Clients can choose either Cosmic or Path protection, or both, and are given full access to all filters, DDoS attack locks, and edge firewall control.

EPYC Dedicated Server Art Work
Unleash the Power of AMD EPYC Dedicated Servers

Why Choose EUGH for Your AMD EPYC Dedicated Server?

Opting for EUGAMEHOST's AMD EPYC dedicated servers means embracing unparalleled performance, scalability, and security. Our EPYC servers, equipped with cutting-edge hardware such as the EPYC 7402P and EPYC 7502, deliver exceptional processing power with up to 32 cores and 64 threads, ensuring seamless performance for the most demanding applications.

With up to 512GB of DDR4 RAM and enterprise-grade NVMe SSDs, our servers guarantee ultra-fast data access and reliable storage solutions. The inclusion of 10Gbps network ports with substantial monthly bandwidth ensures your operations remain smooth and uninterrupted, even under heavy traffic.

AMD EPYC processors are renowned for their advanced security features, including Secure Memory Encryption (SME) and Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV), providing an added layer of protection for your sensitive data.

Our EPYC dedicated servers are backed by top-tier DDoS protection from Cosmic Guard or, offering comprehensive defense against potential threats with full edge firewall and attack log access. This robust protection ensures that your services remain online and secure.

Maximize your investment with our flexible billing options and substantial discounts for longer billing cycles. Choose quarterly, semi-annual, or annual billing to enjoy savings of up to 15%.

Experience the ultimate in server performance, security, and reliability with EUGAMEHOST's AMD EPYC dedicated servers. Perfect for enterprises and high-demand applications, our servers provide the ideal foundation for your success.

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