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Make money from gaming. Game server affiliation.

How to monetize your gaming community.

You link your website to ours, we inturn will you 25% of the value of any sale that we make that was referred from your site. If you are gaming community we can simply give you an affiliate link and advertising banners you can use if you’d like, anyone who clicks the link, even if they purchase in the future will put down as a sale to you. To set this up, simply when logged into our client area click affiliation to activate your link, and funds can be withdrawn to your PayPal.

Game server affiliation can be both very profitable for large communities and a great way to make your server pay for itself. It’s a zero-effort way to cover community running costs.

How to make money online from home?

Our affiliation program requires zero commitment, you can work and earn when and how you choose. Simply what our sales representatives do is reach out to online gaming communities and websites and sell them our hosting services, great ways to go about finding potential clients are server hosting Discords, Reddit and other forum sites.

EUGameHost.com is a fairly new site that was founded in 2017, we are offering a very modern and unique solution to game server hosting and are in the process of breaking the market, the services we offer are both cheaper and more powerful thanks to recent investments into modern more powerful yet efficient hardware. We are also giving options on 1Gbps and 10Gbps direct lines and have recently deployed our new 2TB Anti-DDoS game created using Voxility which is on average 3 to 5x better at mitigating DDoS attacks than sites like Vultr or OVH We give you an amazing product, cheaper than competitors in a high a demand market, that paired with our knowledge and training will allow you to easily earn money online.

So you want to become a game server sales representative?

If you are an individual seeking to become a sales representative for game server hosting then we can offer you again 25% of any sale you make plus £20 to £50 for every dedicated server you sell. We can support you with training and knowledge of our products, please contact us for more information.

Start today and make money without any investment!