UK Server Colocation Servers.

UK Rackspace Protected by Path.net 12Tbps Anycast DDoS Protection

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UK Server Colocation




  • 1U Rack Space
  • 0.5A [A] (240v)
  • 1x1Gbps [10TB]
  • IPs: 1 IPv4
  • DDoS Protection From Path.net
  • Edge Firewall Access
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  • 2U Rack Space
  • 1A [A] (240v)
  • 1x1Gbps [20TB]
  • IPs: 2 IPv4
  • DDoS Protection From Path.net
  • Edge Firewall Access
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  • 3U Rack Space
  • 1.5A [A] (240v)
  • 1x1Gbps [30TB]
  • IPs: 3 IPv4
  • DDoS Protection From Path.net
  • Edge Firewall Access
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  • 4U Rack Space
  • 2A [A] (240v)
  • 1x1Gbps [40TB]
  • IPs: 4 IPv4
  • DDoS Protection From Path.net
  • Edge Firewall Access
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DDoS Protection Manager.

The edge firewall is the smarter way to manage your fireline defense. Simply applying firewall rules and filters to the global edge ensures the traffic you don't want can't even leave its region of orgin let alone reach our UK faciltiy or your server.

Taking a proactive approach to DDoS protection means applying application specific filters to your hosted games, web services and applications to ensure only legitimate traffic reaches your server. No matter the task we have a filter to better protect your application. On request we can even enable our HTTP proxy on your domains improving both your website speed and improving your overall protection.

With an anycast network filtering starts on the edge so with correct filters and rules in place attacks wont even reach the datacenter, let alone your server.

Path's advanced security AI detects and mitigates any type of DDoS attack against any type of service. This patent pending technology tracks previously known DDoS attack vectors while simultaneously constructing your service’s unique traffic signatures to instantly identify and mitigate zero day attacks.

Our protection manager logs every attack your server received and displays it for you to view in our tool. You'll know both the start, end date and size of the attack again your IPs alongside exactly which ports were attacked and how much traffic each received. We as a provider are here to help you analyse and set correct filtering

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Powerful Control Panel

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We include a huge range of completely free OS templates including Windows Server 2019, 2022 and all major Linux distrubutions. You can even mount and load any custom OS images you may have.

We value your data as much as you do and allow you to schedule automatic daily backups of your entire OS layer and data and keep up to 7 days of that data that can be restored in only a few clicks. We even replicate your data bakcups to our German location giving you data georedundancy.

We keep up to 3 months of data on your CPU, RAM, DISK & network usage broken down minute by minute allowing you to gain a greater understanding of how your game server or business application uses your resources.

All of our UK VPS hosting includes both remote and KVM access & full KVM virtualization.

12Tbps Anycast DDoS Protection From Path.net

We protect your UK colocation better than other providers with one of the largest global anycast network to date. Path are the market leaders in game server DDoS protection and we proudly offer their protection! UK Server housing designed for gamers!

  • 1.3Tbps+

    Largest DDoS Attack
  • 12Tbps

    Global Anycast Network

Frequently Asked Question

Here are answers to our most common questions about our Ark server hosting, if yours isn't there just fire over a message via Discord or Ticket.

Our UK range of dedicated servers are deployed within 14 working days.

Our clients use our gaming dedicated servers to host a huge range of games and applications from backup servers, business websites and the core of our company, gaming dedicated servers. As long as its legal, you can run it! However, our main client base is for large Rust, GTA5, MineCraft and Arma game server communities.

Yes, all of our monthly order dedicated servers are sold without contract or billing commitments. Built to order servers will require the first 6 months prepaid, this period can not be refunded however other than that there is no contract or commitment.

Please reach out to our custom soltions support department and we can see about deploying a system to your requirments.

Read our customer reviews

We are regularly rated 5 stars by our customers and with over 250+ reviews on TArkpilot, see for yourself why you can tArk us to power your Ark server community!

Provokatze YT
Ark Server

Top service and always friendly! From all that server hosts out there i prefer EUGameHost. The service is top, they are always quick with responding and can help me with all the struggles around my servers. What i really value is the communication with their clients, you get updated about whats going on with your server, if there is a incoming maintenance, issues or what ever. And on top, all for an affordable price.

star rating
Dan Owen
Ark Server

Best server company by far, the customer server is 100/100 you will not find better these guys have spent hours helping me today.

star rating
Ark Server

The lowest cost Ark hosting I could find, and it works great. Neither my son or I had any previous experience with setting up a server but it was pretty easy and the site's guide videos really helped.

star rating
Ark/Dedi Server

I've used EUGameHost for both a Dedicated Server and VPS, and can say they're one of the easiest hosts to work with. Their support is 10/10, there's always someone able to help you, even if it's a random question about software. Both Machines I have/had ran perfectly fine with high player counts, with no stability issues. Highly recommend EUGameHost over other providers.

star rating