Valheim Server Hosting

Order fairly priced Valheim Servers from the best rated low cost provider that won't skimp on quality.
The cheapest Valheim server hosting that doesn't skimp on quality, you just pay less for it. Your server will be lag FREE, DDoS protected and features full mod support.

Valheim - 10 Slots
  • Intel/Ryzen CPU 3.5Ghz or more
  • 12GB RAM
  • Unmetered SSD Storage
£4.20 /month
Valheim - 64 Slots
  • Intel/Ryzen CPU 3.5Ghz or more
  • 20GB RAM
  • Unmetered SSD Storage
£26.88 /month

Why create a Valheim Server at EUGAMEHOST?

Here is why we have everything you need to kick start your Valheim community today. From automatic mod installs to unlimited file access on an easy to use control panel we have everything you need to create your dream game server.

Dallas, UK & Germany

Enterprise Server Hardware

Easy use TCAdmin Control Panel

Unlimited SSD storage

48 Hour Refund Policy

Instant Setup

6Tbps DDoS Protection

Full File Access

Local MYSQL DB hosting

FREE Web hosting

Umod & VALHEIM Plus Support

Automatic Backups

monitoring 24/7/365
700Gbps to Anti-DDoS Game Protection with tailored game filter profiles: Germany.

All of our servers for Valheim come with capable DDoS mitigation including a firewall applying static acl rules and per game filter scripts that both improve overall protection and outright block amplification attacks to keep your game server online. This is a multi-layer solution crucially including layer 7 and it is able to withstand substantial attacks of up to 700Gbps DDoS attacks effectively in all locations.

UK and Dallas 6Tbps Anti-DDoS

Our flagship UK location boasts 6Tbps DDoS proteciton on all panel based game hosting and select dedicated servers. Although all of our game server rentals come with highly capable protection our UK and Dallas Hosting location boasts a truely enterprise solution. Need something more? Gaming Dedicated Servers.


Here we give the minimum spec of hardware we use for your rust game server hosting. Our hardware is ideally suited to Rust and able to host lag free services effectively.

    Each physical node will have:
  • Ryzen/Intel CPU 3.5Ghz or better
  • SSD or SSD NVMe drives
  • 128GB to 256GB RAM
  • 1Gbps Uplink
  • 6Tbps DDoS Protection

Frequently Asked Questions About our game servers.

Here are some common questions our clients ask about our Dedicated Valheim server Hosting although if your query is not answered here please reach out to our support.

How long before my game server hosting is online?
  • Our Valheim dedicated server hosting is deployed to our infrastructure instantly on payment verification then take 10 minutes to download from the Steam servers.

    Your Valheim Server will be joinable in a matter of minutes.

What hardware do you use for Valheim servers?
  • We host our servers on the latest, high frequency hardware however in order to meet our low price point use seperate server hardware builds for each game type giving us the best price to performance ratio and ensuring efficient use of hardware.
    All machines have our Anti-DDoS protection and 1Gbps uplink connection.

    Our game server Nodes will always contain a

    • CPU: 3.5 to 4.6Ghz

    • RAM: 128GB -256GB

    • SSD: 2x2TB SSD drives (Raid 1)

    • 1Gbps Connection

    • Capable Anti-DDoS Mitigation, Typically by 6Tbps

Can I change my plan or upgrade my server later?
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime via our client area. No file settings are lost when changing your order and we can simply move your current server over to the new plan

    Our customers range from inexperienced first time buyers just looking for a small private Valheim server to large gaming communities with thousands of players. There is no limit in what you, or we can do. You can run as many mods as you want, keep many saves or create large high population clusters. Whatever it is, we can help!

This will be my first game server. Can i get help if I'm stuck?
  • Yes of course we can. Although we are a low cost host using high-end hardware we still have time for support and can give you guidance in setting up or even help to diagnose bugs / issues with your server configurations. Helping you to understand how it all works benefits everyone and we are here to help, guide, and even teach people how to manage their servers.

What if i don't like my server? Can i get a refund?