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No Minimum contract duration

We dont lock you in or trap you with contracts or cancellation notice periods, order your 10Gbps NVMe VPS hosting on a monthly rolling bill.

Powerful Hardware

Ease your hosting worries with our NVMe VPS solutions. Offering stability, security, and superior performance, our service is ideal for hosting anything from game servers to business websites. All powered by modern dual socket E5-2699v3 CPUs, SAS SSD drives and DDR4 RAM ready to meet your hosting needs!

Windows & Linux Support

We support all major Windows and Linux versions at no extra charge. From Windows Server 2019/2022 to major linx operating systems like Ubunto or Debian you can deploy them all in 1 simple click.

PACKAGE CPU Memory Networking DRIVE Price Order
Player Slots£2 VPS Club Player Slots2vCore EPYC 7502P Memory 2GB DDR4 Networking1Gbps Port Drive20GB 4.0 NVMe SSD ( RAID1 ) Price£2/month (Yearly Only)£2/month (Yearly Offer) Order Now Order Now
Player SlotsGerman VPS 2 Player Slots2vCore EPYC 7502P Memory 4GB DDR4 Transfer10Gbps Port Drive60GB 4.0 NVMe SSD ( RAID1 ) Price£4.99/month£2/month (Yearly Only) Order Now Order Now
Player SlotsGerman VPS 3 Player Slots4vCore EPYC 7502P Memory 8GB DDR4 Transfer10Gbps Port Drive120GB 4.0 NVMeSSD ( RAID1 ) Price£8.99/month£2/month Order Now Order Now
Player SlotsGerman VPS 4 Player Slots6vCore EPYC 7502P Memory 12GB DDR4 Transfer10Gbps Port Drive180GB 4.0 NVMe SSD ( RAID1 ) Price£14.99/month£14.99/month Order Now Order Now
Player SlotsGerman VPS 5 Player Slots8vCore EPYC 7502P Memory 16GB DDR4 Transfer10Gbps Port Drive220GB 4.0 NVMe SSD ( RAID1 ) Price£19.99/month£19.99/month Order Now Order Now
Player SlotsGerman VPS 6 Player Slots10vCore EPYC 7502P Memory 32GB DDR4 Transfer10Gbps Port Drive300GB 4.0 NVMe SSD ( RAID1 ) Price£39.99/month£2/month (Yearly Only) Order Now Order Now
Protect Your Online Presence Today

17Tbps Anycast DDoS Protection From

Path has deployed one of the largest Layers 3 through 7 mitigation platforms. Advanced XDP technology, patented stateful cloud firewall, and 17 Tbps global network capacity for truely unbeatable DDoS protection. Deployed in over 50 of the worlds biggest internet hubs. Your NVMe virtual private servers network is advertised from all network nodes meaning the DDoS attacks are filtered and stopped in the scrubbing center that is closer to the source of the attack on the edge of the network.

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Incredibly features

Features Of Our 10Gbps NVMe VPS Hosting

Edge Firewall Access

Our DDoS manager allows you to take full advantage of what DDoS protection has to offer. You can apply firewall rules and filters directly to the edge network. We'll even provide support in configuring your advanced security firewall to ensure it follows best practices.

Premium Hardware

Our virtual private servers are powered by dual EPYC 7502P CPUs with DDR4 RAM and RAID1 4.0 NVMe SSD drives. Each hypervisor is connected via a SFP 28 networking port allowing us to offer fair use 10Gbps connections to all clients.

Free Databackups

We understand the importance of your data. Hence, our NVMe VPS plans come with offsite daily backups, securing your entire OS layer and data. With our service, you can restore snapshots of your data in 1 click and role back up to 5 days, giving you peace of mind with our hosting.

Virtfusion Control Panel

Seize control of your NVMe VPS with our Virtfusion control panel. This intuitive platform gives you VNC KVM access, comprehensive resource statistics and automatic backups. Plus, with one-click OS installs for all major Windows and Linux systems, managing your VPS has never been easier.

Why Opt For Our Virtual Private Servers

Why Choose EUGH For Your NVMe VPS?

Choosing an EUGAMEHOST 10Gbps NVMe VPS provides a blend of high performance, reliability, and value. Our servers, located in tier 3 data center in Redditch meeting ISO27001 security, VESDA & FM200 Fire Suppression standards. They are equipped with modern hardware, ensuring fast loading times and seamless operation for both gaming and business applications. We prioritize uptime and data security, offering robust infrastructure backed by expert support. Additionally, our flexible plans allow for tailored solutions to meet specific needs, making every EUGH NVMe VPS an ideal choice for those seeking a powerful, secure, and affordable hosting solution.

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