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Discord Bot Hosting.

Welcome to our robust platform, meticulously engineered to streamline the hosting of your high-demand Discord bots. It's effortlessly, affordably and the responsive. Paired with unparalleled support and consistent uptime, we confidently stand by our service as the premier choice for bot hosting.. Get started EUGH Discord Bot hosting today!

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£ 1.00 /monthly
Deploy Bot Hosting

Discord Bot Hosting

Wanting to host super fast, wallet-friendly, and rock-solid Discord bots? You're in the right spot! We're ranked among the top-tier game server hosts for a reason. Welcome to EUGameHost.

Bot 1



Top Features

  • 50% CPU EPYC/Xeon
  • 1GB DDR4 RAM
  • 5GB SSD
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • Basic Support Only
  • Budget plan, £1 per month paid yearly. Ideal for small community server bots

Bot 2



Top Features

  • 150% CPU EPYC/Xeon
  • 2GB DDR4 RAM
  • 10GB SSD
  • 5x MySQL Databases
  • Basic Support Only
  • Includes Our Package Split Feature, Host Multiple Bots With Your Resources

Best Seller

Bot 3



Top Features

  • 250% CPU EPYC/Xeon
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 40GB SSD
  • 10x MySQL Databases
  • Basic Support Only
  • Includes Our Package Split Feature, Host Multiple Bots With Your Resources

Bot 4



Top Features

  • 500% CPU EPYC/Xeon
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 100GB SSD
  • 50x MySQL Databases
  • Semi-Managed Support
  • Includes Our Package Split Feature, Host Multiple Bots With Your Resources

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Universal Language Compatibility:

Embrace the freedom to develop in the language you know best. Our hosting supports the latest versions of NodeJS, Python, Java, and more, ensuring your Discord Bot operates seamlessly, no matter the language.

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Integrated MySQL Databases:

Our hosting extends beyond performance to include MySQL database support, offering a robust data storage solution for your Discord Bot's needs.

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High-Performance Hardware:

Experience unmatched speed with our hosting, powered by NVMe SSDs and top-tier CPUs such as the E5 2699v3 & EPYC 7402P, complemented by cutting-edge DDR4 RAM for rapid bot responsiveness.

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Expert-Level Support:

Opt for our premium hosting and gain access to semi-managed support, where our experts tackle even the most complex issues with your Discord bots, providing tailored administrative assistance.

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The One Stop Shop For Your Discord Bot

Why pick eugamehost for Discord bot hosting? It's simple... We're fast, reliable, and have servers ready to smash your Discord bots work load. Our servers boast the latest NVMe SSDs and elite EPYC 7502P or Xeon E5 2699v3 CPUs to keep your bot zippy. Great Uptime? You bet – wave goodbye to downtime with our steadfast bot hosting. And if you hit a snag, if you opt for our premium semi-managed packages our support team is on standby to untangle any technical knots you may encounter with your bots within reason.

No matter what language your bot is coded in – NodeJS or Python we can support and run it. We even include completely free MySQL database hosting. We're not just a service; we're your partner in making your Discord community thrive.

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