Game Server Hosting

The in-house EUGameHost Game Server control panel allows you to configure and customize your Game Server Hosting quickly and easily. Install supported mods from the SteamWorkshop in one Click, Switch between all DLC maps, switch locations, and change any setting with our easy one click form. We've customized our control panel individually for every game server we offer. All popular mods and dependencies are avaliable on one click. Everything will stay automatically updated too! Customize your server even further with our game server hosting Config tool with 100s of variables for each game.

Ark Survival Evolved Hosting

£ 0.30 /per slot

Rust Hosting

£ 0.11 /per slot

MineCraft Hosting

£ 2.50 /GB RAM

Conan Exiles Hosting

£ 0.35 /per slot

CS:GO Hosting

£ 0.35 /per slot

GMod Hosting

£ 0.12 /per slot

Dead Matter Hosting

£ 0.40 /per slot

LFD2 Hosting

£ 0.35 /per slot

7D2D Hosting

£ 0.40 /per slot

Why EUGameHost for your Game Server Hosting?

EUGameHost.com is the modern solution to game server hosting...

Mod Installer

Install any mod in one click with our SteamWorkshop installer. Automatic mod updates and Installs make game hosting easy!

Instant Activation

After your payment clears your game server is automatically deployed to our hosting infrastructure

TCAdmin 2.0 MVC

Our panel is easy and fast to use for beginers with config editors and a command line manager but allows full access to advanced user.

The Right Hardware

We only use gaming dedicated servers with CPUs between 4 & 5Ghz, SSD nVMe drives and dedicated 10Gbps Connections

Anti-DDoS Game Protected

Our game server hosting comes with 500Gbps Anti-DDoS With Multi Layer Filtering, custom game algorithms & firewalls protocols.

10Gbps Upload/Download

Everyone of our gaming dedicated server machines has a dedicated 10Gbps connection to host ensure low latency and no packet loss.

Frequently Asked Questions About Game Server Hosting

Here are all the game hosting must knows of 2020!

What is game server hosting?
  • What is gamae server hosting? Game server hosting is a low cost way to allows you and your friends to play together online without the need to locally host servers. Your dedicated game server is allocated to one of our physical machines and runs 24/7/365

    You have full file access to your server however it is managed via our TC-Admin game control panel meaning you require no experience to get setup and playing with your friends or community.

Can you help me configure my game server?
  • We offer full game server setup support and have an advanced knowledgebase of game hosting guides.

    We also offer completel game server setup services for a variety of top titles including Rust, MineCraft and Ark Survival Evolved.

Why should i choose EUGameHost?
  • EUGameHost offers a complete game hosting service. You get a dedicated game server controled by our custom panel allowing for super easy configuration.

    Our panel is also great for experienced hosters since we give you full file acess and the ability to create custom command lines.

What DDoS protection do you offer?
  • All our panel based hosting is protected by permanent 500Gbps Anti-DDoS Gane by Ancast featuring custom layer 7 filtering and firewall protocols.

    Premium gaming dedicated servers are protected by 1600Gbps Voxility DDoS protection again with layer 7 filtering and firewall protocols. This can be automatic filtering or permanent DDoS protection, whichever suits you best.

What Bandwith does my game server get?
  • All of our shared space dedicated game servers are proved through direct 10Gbps connections to each machine and all routing is sent through tier 1 providers. You have unlimited data transfer. This ensures zero packetloss and low latency around the world.

    Our range of dedicated servers can have between 250Mbps and 10Gbps direct connectinos. Just select what you need and we'll provide it.

What is the best hardware for game server hosting?
  • Most game servers are single threaded or at best have very poor multithreading with typically extra cores only being utalized for networking and AI mapping. This includes EU4 games like Ark Survival Evolved, Unity games like Rust. In general most top titles are single threaded.

    Because of this we only use modern hardware for our game hosting. With high speed CPUs like the Ryzen 3950x or i9 9900k all overclocked to 5Ghz. We do not suggest you host games on dedicated servers with speeds under 3.5Ghz. Our range of dedicated servers are all custom built to be the best at game hosting with high clock speeds, high frequency DDR4 RAM and SSD nVMe drives!