Rust Server Hosting

Fairly priced Rust Server Hosting by the top rated affordable server provider.
Rent Cheap Rust hosting that doesn't skimp on quality, you just pay less for it. Your Rust server will be lag freel, always online, hosted on quality hardware & protected by permanent 12Tbps Anycast DDoS mitigation featuring full Umod plugin and custom map support amd A2S caching services.

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Rust 50 Slots
Italian Trulli
  • Up to 50 slots
  • 3.8Ghz or more
  • 10GB RAM
  • Unlimited SSD
£7.00 /month
Rust 100 Slots
Italian Trulli
  • Up to 100 slots
  • 3.8Ghz or more
  • 12GB RAM
  • Unlimited SSD
£14.00 /month
Rust 150 Slots
Italian Trulli
  • Up to 150 slots
  • 3.8Ghz or more
  • 15GB RAM
  • Unlimited SSD
£21.00 /month
Rust 200 Slots
Italian Trulli
  • Up to 200 slots
  • 3.8Ghz or more
  • 20GB RAM
  • Unlimited SSD
£28.00 /month

Why create a Rust server at EUGAMEHOST?

We offer the industry-leading TC-Admin MVC panel with everything you need to get online fast & create your dream server.

Dallas, UK & Germany

Enterprise Server Hardware

Easy to use Control Panel

Umod Plugin Installer

48 Hour Refund Policy

Instant Setup

12Tbps Anycast DDoS Protection + A2S Caching

Full FTP Access

Configuration Editor

Auto wipe, restarts & updates

Progen & Custom maps

Automatic Backups


Here we give the minimum spec of our hardware and network used for your game server hosting. Our hardware is capable of your community lag free and without issue.

    Each physical node will have:
  • Ryzen/Intel CPU 3.5Ghz or better
  • SSD or SSD NVMe drives
  • 128GB to 512GB RAM
  • 1Gbps Upoad/Download
  • 12Tbps DDoS Protection
    DDoS Protection
    EUGameHost uses boasting 12Tbps Anycast DDoS Protection for its always-on filtering in our Dallas & UK locations providing a truly uninterruptible gaming experience and advancing your community with globally lower ping compared to competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rust Hosting

Here are some common questions our clients ask about our Rust server hosting.

How long before my Rust server hosting is online?
  • Our Rust dedicated server hosting is deployed to our infrastructure instantly on payment verification which then takes 5 minutes to
    download from the Steam servers.

    Your Rust Server will be joinable in a matter of minutes. Note! On the first boot the Rust server if set to progen will generate a new map which can take up to 10 minutes depending on size, you can view the progress on the web console.

Do you offer modded Rust Hosting using Umod / Oxide?
  • Yes we offer full Oxide/Umod support and have one click Oxide/Umod, RustIO, RustEdit and DiscordExt installs.

    We can also offer you full support in setting up your Rust modded server hosting in terms of guidance on plugin configuration
    and diagnosing problems. You may also want to take advantage of our plugin downloader that gives you one click installs on all

Test servers and getting your own free trial!
  • Yes. We can offer you both a free trial on which you can setup and stress test your server before commiting to buy.
    Below are IPs for locations and test servers to join and play on.

    Test IPs
    US. Dallas Texas: (12Tbps Anti-DDoS)
    EU. Frankfurt Germany: (12Tbps Anti-DDoS)
    UK. United Kingdom London: (12Tbps Anti-DDoS)

    Public Servers

Do you support custom Rust Maps?
  • Yes we offer full support for all custom Rust Maps, simply upload the .map file to DropBox and enable it in the server.cfg on the server.level URL variable.

    We also support all default Rust maps from procedural worlds, Happis Island, Craggy Island and all future releases.

How to host Rust Staging servers?
  • To host a Rust staging server on our control panel simply click the "branch" tab, here it will open up a drop down menu
    that lets you switch between stable, staging and pre-release branches of the game. You can keep your saves and switch between them as and when you want.

What hardware is ideal for my hosting needs?
  • Rust is a Unity based game and as a result has very poor multithreaded performance. All core unity functions are single threaded
    with AI maping and network functions being the main multi-threaded aspects of it. As a result the hardware used by most
    providers is actually inadequate with most using high core, low clocked Xeon servers, Rust just doesn't scale to these well
    performance wise. We have taken a new approach and use overclocked consumer grade hardware racked in servers.

    Noteably Rust doesn't have scaling issues until you hit the 250 to 300 player count mark depending on plugins and entity count. This means the server requirments for the super high population servers are different. A normal server less than 250 average pop will run perfectly on anything over 3.5Ghz where as servers of the likes of Rustopia, PixieRust or Rustafied Large with over 250 to 300 active players will require a super high clocked dedicated server over 4.6Ghz