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rust server hosting 50 player

Rust 50 Player Slots

  • SLOTS: 50 Players
  • RAM: 10GB
  • Anycast DDoS Protection
  • Europe & US Location

NOW £7.50/month£9.50

Deploy In 60 Seconds
rust server hosting 75 player

Rust 75 Player Slots

  • SLOTS: 75 Players
  • RAM: 12GB
  • Anycast DDoS Protection
  • Europe & US Location

NOW £11.25/month£14.25

Deploy In 60 Seconds
rust server hosting 100 player

Rust 100 Player Slots

  • SLOTS: 100 Players
  • RAM: 18GB
  • Anycast DDoS Protection
  • Europe & US Location

NOW £15.00/month£19.00

Deploy In 60 Seconds
Unlimited RAM!
rust server hosting 150 player

Rust 150 Player Slots

  • SLOTS: 150 Players
  • RAM: Unlimited
  • Anycast DDoS Protection
  • Europe & US Location

NOW £22.50/month£28.50

Deploy In 60 Seconds
Unlimited RAM!
rust server hosting 200 player

Rust 200 Player Slots

  • SLOTS: 200 Players
  • RAM: Unlimited
  • Anycast DDoS Protection
  • Europe & US Location

NOW £30.00/month£38.00

Deploy In 60 Seconds
Unlimited RAM!
rust server hosting 250 player

Rust 250 Player Slots

  • SLOTS: 250 Players
  • RAM: Unlimited
  • Anycast DDoS Protection
  • Europe & US Location

NOW £37.50/month£47.50

Deploy In 60 Seconds

What Makes EUGH the Top Spot for Rust Game Hosting?

Kick off your epic Rust journey today, equipped with our unrivalled game servers.

Deployed In 60 Seconds

Get your server in seconds with our lightning-fast server deployment! Whether you're ready to play or itching to mod, our servers are always online and ready to go. Discover the best Rust server hosting today and take on the post-apocalyptic world of Rust.

Free Anycast A2S Caching

With Path.net, we guarantee the fastest connection to the master server list, and our A2S caching shows perspective players globally low ping (10 to 30 ms). Let's grow your server with lightning-fast latency! Deploy your Rust servers in the UK, Germany, or Dallas Texas with the best Rust hosting provider.

Free Website Hosting

Every gaming community needs a fast and protected website for their community posts, forums, donation store, and server lists. We include free 20GB NVMe Enhanced web hosting with every Rust server. Contact Support To Claim.

Free Custom Map FTP

Expecting a server wipe and a wave of players ready to download your latest custom map? Normal web servers can buckle under the pressure. And using sites like Dropbox or Mediafire? Forget about it. They're not cut out for this and often block downloads. That's why we include a free 10Gbps custom map file server with all our hosting - Getting Your Players In Game Faster.

Config Assistant Tool

Your dream Rust server isn't that far away! Our user-friendly UI config assistant tools make setup stress-free for newbies, while the unlimited file access lets advanced users customize DLLs, startup variables & plugins on their Rust server however they desire.

High FPS & Zero Lag

Featuring powerful CPUs over 3.8GHz with SSD NVMe drives, our game hosting packages cater to every type of player, whether you're a beginner or a high-population gaming veteran. Choose from our standard and premium options to find the perfect fit for your Rust gaming needs. Don't settle for less – upgrade your gaming experience with us today!

Automatic Wipe & Map Changes

We understand that everyday life may interrupt the smooth operation of your gaming community. To combat this, we've developed state-of-the-art automatic wipe tools. These tools offer a user-friendly interface to schedule wipe dates, choose between map or blueprint wipes, and input the new seed or select a custom map for the next session. Ensure your community's gaming experience remains uninterrupted and consistently engaging with our advanced wiping tools.

Amazing Reviews!

Join our satisfied gamers with top-rated, affordable Rust server hosting. We are backed by 300+ glowing reviews. We've deployed over 7,000 orders since 2017 and have over 1,000 active clients. Ally with the ultimate game hosting company and enjoy our 48-hour money-back guarantee. Elevate your gameplay today!

Mod Like The Pros ;)

Modding your Rust server doesn't have to feel like you're navigating a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Our Umod.org plugin installer makes it easy to install all the latest plugins and keep them updated! While our rich text file editors and FTP access make it easy to configure them. We also include one-click installs for Umod, Carbon, Roslyn Compiler, RustEdit, Discord Extensions, and RustIO.

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Understanding Rust: A Brief History

Now in its 9th year, Rust continues to thrive and evolve with over 350 content updates, ensuring something fresh and often perilous awaits players on the island. A commitment to monthly patches has seen a wide array of enhancements and additions, ranging from routine balance tweaks to significant AI and graphical enhancements. Players have also been treated to new maps, musical instruments, trains, drones, and engaging seasons and events.
The game's mature content is described by the developers as featuring violence and primitive-themed nudity. However, Rust offers customization for player comfort, as elements like in-game nudity, blood, player-generated signs, and voice and text chat can be toggled off through the in-game options menu, allowing for a tailored gameplay experience.

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The EUGH Control Panel

A POWER HOUSE of features

  • Automatic Oxide & Carbon updates
  • 1 Click backup & restore
  • Automatic server wipe tool
  • Automatic seed / map URL changer
  • File manager & FTP Access
  • Path.net L7 Rust Filters Setup
  • Schedule RCON commands
  • PHPMyAdmin Database
rust server hosting demo video
  • 1 Click Umod Plugin Installer
  • Server Log Viewer & web console
  • Free game & location switching
  • Server config assistant tools
  • 1 Click web RCON
  • Custom Map Setup Support
  • Custom commandline access
  • RustIO Installer

Unmatched 12Tbps Anycast DDoS Protection for Your Rust Server

At EUGameHost, we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and reliability of your Rust server. Boasting protection from Path.net, the market leaders in game server DDoS protection, we offer you the robust security of their 12Tbps anycast network. Our choice to use their network to provide an unrivaled level of protection against DDoS attacks gives you peace of mind and a seamless gaming experience.

In addition to superior DDoS protection, our A2S caching technology enhances the performance of your server. It speeds up the server list in the Rust browser and reduces ping times to 10 to 30 ms across Europe and America by caching source query traffic. This means a smoother, more responsive gaming experience for your players.

  • 2Tbps+

    Our Largest DDoS Attack
  • 12Tbps

    Total Protection Capacity
  • 15ms

    Average Rust Browser Ping

Top Questions About Rust Game Servers?

We've compiled answers to the most common questions about our Rust server hosting to help you get the information you need quickly and easily. If you don't find your question here, don't hesitate to reach out to us via Discord or Ticket. We're here to help you make the most of your Rust server hosting experience.

With EUGameHost, you won't have to wait long. Your new Rust server will be deployed to our system within seconds. Once you select your map, it will take just a few minutes to generate. After that, you and your community can join and play!

We understand that when you're ready to play, you don't want to be kept waiting. That's why we've optimized our deployment process to get your server online as quickly as possible. So, whether you're eager to start a new game or resume an ongoing one, you can count on EUGameHost to get your server up and running in no time.

When you choose our Rust server hosting, you're not just getting a server, you're getting a premium gaming experience. Our Rust servers are hosted on high-performance Intel Xeon or Ryzen CPUs clocked between 3.8 and 4.5Ghz. These powerful systems are capable of handling servers with large maps and numerous mods/plugins without issue, even at higher populations. Here's what you can expect from our different locations:

CPU: i9 10920x

United Kingdom
CPU: 2xE5 2699v3

Dallas, Texas
CPU: 2xE5 2690 or 2x2677v2
RAM: 128 to 386GB

Experience the difference of a high-performance Rust server. Enjoy smoother gameplay, less lag, and a better gaming experience with our top-tier hardware.

Absolutely! At EUGameHost, we specialize in providing a superior Rust server experience, and that includes offering modded Rust server hosting. We support 1-click installs on Umod (Oxide), RustEdit, DiscordEXT, and even OxideSandBox for all you developers out there!

Our easy-to-use Rust plugin installer allows you to install plugins in just a single click. You can also upload any custom or private plugins you prefer. We understand that setting up your server just right can be a complex process, which is why we provide in-depth step-by-step Rust server guides and videos to help you configure your plugins to your liking.

We invite you to check out our Knowledgebase and YouTube channel to learn how to get started. With EUGameHost, you're not just getting a server - you're getting a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for all your Rust gaming needs.

Whether you're looking to host a small server or build a thriving, high-value gaming community with large populations, we're the ideal partner for you. At every step of your server community journey, we're here to provide a tailored service and dedicated support to ensure your success.

Test IPs
EU. Frankfurt Germany: (12Tbps Anti-DDoS) * Company owned location.
UK. United Kingdom London: (12Tbps Anti-DDoS) * Company owned location.
US. Dallas Texas: (12Tbps Anti-DDoS) * Partnered Location

A few Rust Servers Hosted By EUGameHost.com:

Absolutely! We understand that as your Rust community grows, so do your needs. That's why at EUGameHost, we offer the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your shared Rust server hosting at any time without any administrative charges.

If your community grows large enough, we're ready to assist you in moving to our VDS or dedicated server ranges. We're committed to supporting your Rust server journey from start to finish, providing the resources you need to become one of the biggest and best Rust servers.

Our hosting is sold without contract or commitment, giving you the flexibility to adapt as your needs change. Experience the flexibility and commitment to customer success at EUGameHost today.

Yes, you can! At EUGameHost, we prioritize accessibility and reliability. We ensure your Rust server remains online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can turn your own computer off without worrying about interrupting gameplay for your community.

Our state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure provide you with the best uptime in the industry. So, whether you're planning a late-night raid or an early morning build session, your server will be ready and waiting.

With EUGameHost, you can focus on what matters most - playing and building your community. Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable, 24/7 Rust server hosting.

Rust is a game that's constantly evolving. Since its initial release, it has undergone many, many updates, introducing new mechanics, features, and improvements. These updates are crucial to keep the game fresh, engaging, and free of bugs and issues.

At EUGameHost, we understand the importance of these updates, and we strive to make the update process as simple as possible for our users. When a new Rust update is released, you don't need to worry about manually downloading and installing it. We've streamlined the entire process to a single click.

All you need to do is click the update button in your EUGameHost control panel. Our system will automatically download and install the update, ensuring that your Rust server is always running the latest version of the game. This includes updating all files and Oxide, if used.

This way, you can focus on what's important: enjoying your Rust gaming experience.

Rust is a unique multiplayer-only survival video game developed by Facepunch Studios. The game's development started as a clone of DayZ, a popular mod for ARMA 2, with crafting elements akin to those in Minecraft. Garry Newman, the CEO of Facepunch Studios, stated that Rust began as a DayZ clone, but the team decided to move away from the concept of fighting zombies and the limitations of the Arma Island in terms of towns and landmarks.

After its initial alpha launch, Rust introduced updates that added mechanics such as hunting, animals, weapons, and armor. In February 2014, zombies were replaced with wolves and bears to provide a more immersive survival experience. The developers aimed to create a world that doesn't encourage any particular behavior from players. They considered implementing a system similar to DayZ, where players who kill others get different outfits that identify them as 'bandits.' However, they rejected these options, believing it would hinder players' freedom. Instead, they found that the implementation of voice chat significantly impacted players' behavior, reducing the likelihood of players killing each other out of fear.

Rust is currently in its alpha stage of development and is being distributed through Steam's Early Access program. An "experimental form" of Rust was released in late 2014, which was moved onto Unity. This version featured CheatPunch, a different anti-cheat system that restricted over 4,621 cheaters. In October 2014, the experimental version became the default launch option. The game features various statistics like hunger, health, and radiation levels, which have been modified over time to enhance gameplay. Radiation hazards were removed due to the annoyance they caused players, but were reintroduced in November 2016 with different levels (low, medium, and high) in various locations.

In July 2015, female models were introduced in the game for server administrators to test. Similar to the skin color attributes, genders are automatically assigned to users and are linked permanently to their Steam account. Cosmetic items for clothing, guns, and other objects were added to the game towards the end of 2015. When Valve introduced the "Item Stores," Rust was the first game on Steam to utilize the feature. These cosmetics are also sold by the Steam Community Market, resulting in varying prices. Some have compared the building functionality in Rust to that of Facepunch Studios. The game's development started as a clone of DayZ, a popular mod for ARMA 2, with crafting elements akin to those in Ark Survival Evolved so the base building will be familier to players moving from this game..

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Still Not Sure? Just Read Our Reviews!

All reviews reviews here are taken from our TrustPilot. Thank you for all the amazing reviews and feedback it truly means a lot to us and we genuinely appreciate it!

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Top service and always friendly! From all that server hosts out there i prefer EUGameHost. The service is top, they are always quick with responding and can help me with all the struggles around my servers. What i really value is the communication with their clients, you get updated about whats going on with your server, if there is a incoming maintenance, issues or what ever. And on top, all for an affordable price.

Mr. Kingpin
star rating

Here by I would like to thank you guys for all the effort and fast support you guys put into EuGameHost, I'm hosting for over 3 years with you guys and I have no regrets. Keep up the good work and may there be many more years! - Kingpin.

star rating

Excellent company. been using their services for a long time now, the price is unbeatable hardware is top notch and the customer support is some of the best iv experienced in the server hosting space, iv used many competitors in the past but nothing has matched Eugamehost. you won't be disappointed. get a server today, at these prices, you should get 4..

Hadi Ali
star rating

I wanted a hosting that can handle the web traffic and also has good anti ddos . I found EUGAMEHOST and after i signup and ordered i am amazed with perofrmance and the support that i am receiving from EUGAMEHOST . They are using PATH.net and its highly configurable insider the customer panel on EUGAMEHOST and its pretty user friendly. You can add firewall rules or import firewall rules preset under firewall fiters. i have never seen such pre-sets rules that give us all automation for tcp/udp and other protocols needed for either web traffic or games traffic. I hight recommend anyone that needs a hosting with 24/7 support please look no futher to EUGAMEHOST my votes for them.

star rating

Have been with these guys since 2019 and recently started to buy dedicated servers from them. And it's been amazing they have been getting them done next day with any os I have requested and with my own ddos protection system that allows me to edit anything assign new rules and monitor remotely Such a good working group with hearts of gold

star rating

The support is instant and incredibly friendly. I saw that support was only available about 10 hours from when I requested but still got a response almost instantly regardless! Company goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction and really provides a great service, highly recommend switching immediately if you aren't already on eugamehost.

star rating

Great hosting all around. Cheap servers and amazing DDoS protection for all of my game servers or vpn servers. Any weird issue were squashed and fixed fast! Super friendly and helpful support staff.

Rodrigo Ventura
star rating

I've been with EUGameHost on and off for a few years now for their game servers and every time I have had a great experience with them. Even in the rare occasion that an issue happens they are on it straight away, they have an amazing support service via their official discord too so it makes being supported a breeze. Really friendly staff, server performance is great and as far as I am aware their prices can't be beat for the hardware used. Can't recommend these guys enough.

Goran Spirkoski
star rating

I recently tried Eugamehost.com for my VDS hosting needs and I must say, I'm impressed. The performance of their hosting service is fantastic - my game server loads quickly and runs smoothly. But what really stands out to me is their customer support. Whenever I had a question or an issue, their team was quick to respond and very helpful in resolving the problem. Overall, Eugamehost.com is a great choice for anyone in need of reliable and efficient hosting solutions.

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I'm now renting game servers since a few years at EUGameHost and i'm quiet happy to be there. Here and there might be typical issues, but they are always resolved quickly - and there is no Host where everything runs perfect all the time anyway. Here i know what i have, for a fair price - really performant servers with enough ram, slots and space, and always friendly customer support. Cheers n keep it up :)

Scott Mclean
star rating

One of the best company’s I have used and I have tried a lot of us, fantastic response time on queries. Started with a Minecraft server and moved to rust server now, the transition was perfect with no issues at all. Would highly recommend to others

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