Low-Cost Reseller Game Server Hosting

Reseller game and dedicated server hosting

  • 12Tbps Anycast DDoS Protection & A2S Caching from Path.net
  • CPUs Over 3.8Ghz & SSD Only Storage
  • Discounts on VPS & Dedicated servers

Why Choose Reseller Game?

Protect your reputation and offer your clients an affordable quality service from day 1!

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Affordable Business Startup

Give your clients the very best with our game reseller hosting while keeping costs low, our basic TC-Admin 2.0 MVC packages start from £50/month. You save licensing, hardware and development costs and get access to all of our game server locations

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Dedicated Server Discounts

We can even sweeten the deal! As a registered reseller we will give you up to a 25% discount on any monthly order VPS or dedicated servers giving your web hosting business powerful offerings with sale driving unique selling points.

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100s Of Instant Deployment Games

You of course get access to all of our big selling game titles like Rust, Ark, 7D2D and Conan Exiles however we have a catalogue of over 100 titles of which you can setup instant deployment easily using the included WHMCS module.

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12Tbps Anycast DDoS Protectio

We recognise that having the best hardware is only part of the equation when it comes to game hosting: That's why we protect our network with 12Tbps Anycast DDoS protection from Path.net, the very best in game DDoS protection.


A Game Focused Web Host

We are a uniquely positioned web hosting provider with a game focused approach making us an unbeatable option for any startup game server provider. Benefit from our experience, knowledge and game specific DDoS filters.

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Account manager

Every registered EUGameHost reseller has a personal account manager to assist and guide.

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Business Development

Grow your startup with our included business development support service. .

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Quality Hardware

All EUGameHost services are powered by quality enterprise grade server hardware.

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Our reseller service is completely whitelabel and customizable with your own logo and branding

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Anti Virus Protection

Efficiently redefine high potentialitie rather than innovative idea acurate infomediaries with technology.

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Reseller Discounts

As a registered reseller you get up to a 25% discount on monthly VPS & dedicated server sales.

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Firewall WHMCS Module

Give your clients access to the edge firewall by ording our WHMCS firewall manager addon.

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Game WHMCS Module

Easily automate the deployment of shared space game hosting using the included WHMCS module.

Game Hosting Features

  • Instant Server Setup
  • Xeon or Ryzen CPUs 3.8 to 4.5Ghz
  • Only SSD Storage
  • TC-Admin Control Panel
  • 100s Of Game Titles
  • 12Tbps DDoS Protection
  • Advanced Game Server Support
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  • 1 Click Mod & Plugin Installer
  • High-Performance Hardware
  • 5 Global Locations
  • Switch Games Any Time
  • Daily Backups Available
  • Full FTP Access
  • Customized Autoscaling
  • Simplified Deployments

12Tbps Anycast DDoS protection, Market leading!

We bring your business the power of the Path.net 12Tbps anycast network. Path are the market leaders in game server DDoS protection and we proudly offer their protection to our clients!

  • 1.3Tbps+

    Largest DDoS Attack
  • 12Tbps

    Global Anycast Network
  • 5473+

    Total Servers Deployed (August 2022)

Read our customer reviews

We are regularly rated 5 stars by our customers and with over 250+ reviews on Trustpilot, see for yourself why you can trust us to power your Rust server community!

Provokatze YT
Rust Server

Top service and always friendly! From all that server hosts out there i prefer EUGameHost. The service is top, they are always quick with responding and can help me with all the struggles around my servers. What i really value is the communication with their clients, you get updated about whats going on with your server, if there is a incoming maintenance, issues or what ever. And on top, all for an affordable price.

star rating
Dan Owen
Rust Server

Best server company by far, the customer server is 100/100 you will not find better these guys have spent hours helping me today.

star rating
Ark Server

The lowest cost Ark hosting I could find, and it works great. Neither my son or I had any previous experience with setting up a server but it was pretty easy and the site's guide videos really helped.

star rating
Rust/Dedi Server

I've used EUGameHost for both a Dedicated Server and VPS, and can say they're one of the easiest hosts to work with. Their support is 10/10, there's always someone able to help you, even if it's a random question about software. Both Machines I have/had ran perfectly fine with high player counts, with no stability issues. Highly recommend EUGameHost over other providers.

star rating

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