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Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft 1.20, brought to you by EUGameHost, ushers in a host of exciting updates. Explore the enchanting Cherry Blossom biome, adorn your armors with a variety of Armour Trims, and decorate with Bamboo accents. Plus, meet the much-anticipated Sniffer mob, a community favorite. Experience the innovative Bundle, an experimental item for convenient storage. Immerse yourself in Archaeology and enhance your tools with our new Smithing Templates! Start your high TLS server today!

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Suggested Players CPU Memory Server Locations Price Order
Suggested Slots 2 Players Package name50% Memory 2GB DDR4 Server Locations
PriceFREEFREE Order Germany Order UK Order Germany Order UK
Player Slots 20 Players Package name150% Memory 4GB DDR4 Server Locations
Price£4.00$9.99 Order Germany Order UK Order Germany Order UK
Player Slots 50 Players Package name200% Memory 6GB DDR4 Server Locations
Price£6.00$9.99 Order Germany Order UK Order Germany Order UK
Player Slots 70 Players Package name250% Memory 8GB DDR4 Server Locations
Price£8.00$9.99 Order Germany Order UK Order Germany Order UK
Player Slots 100 Players Package name300% Memory 10GB DDR4 Server Locations
Price£10.00$9.99 Order Germany Order UK Order Germany Order UK
Player Slots 250 Players Package name350% Memory 16GB DDR4 Server Locations
Price£16.00$9.99 Order Germany Order UK Order Germany Order UK
Player Slots 500 Players Package name400% Memory 32GB DDR4 Server Locations
Price£32.00$9.99 Order Germany Order UK Order Germany Order UK
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The Best Minecraft DDoS Protection

Minecraft Game Servers With Anycast DDoS Protection From Cosmic Guard

At EUGameHost, we prioritize the safety and reliability of your Minecraft server with top-tier protection. Equipped with Cosmic Guard, the industry leader in game server DDoS protection, our servers benefit from their formidable anycast network. This choice ensures an unparalleled defense against DDoS attacks, granting you peace of mind and a seamless Minecraft experience.

Parental Infromation For Minecraft Hosting

What is Minecraft Server Hosting & why I need it?

Minecraft server hosting is a service that allows players to host their own Minecraft game server. Much like the game itself, hosting a Minecraft server provides an expansive, customizable experience, enabling players to create and control their own world in private away from the wider internet.

EUGameHost takes Minecraft gaming to the next level with customized server options. These include adjustable world settings, gameplay mechanics, and mod installations, allowing for a truly unique experience. With comprehensive support for popular mods and the ability to host both private and public servers, the possibilities are endless.

It's not only great fun gaming but also offers an educational opportunity. Our user-friendly platform is ideal for young learners to develop basic coding skills. Through server customization and modding, children can learn fundamental programming concepts in a fun and engaging manner.

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Common Questions About Minecraft Server Hosting

Your Questions Answered

Are the player slots really unlimited?

Yes, all of our Minecraft game servers come with truely unlimited slots, you are only limited by the RAM you buy although we do suggest player limits for each package.

Is Minecraft Suitable for Children, and Why is it Beneficial for Them?

Age Appropriateness: Minecraft is rated suitable for ages 7 and up, depending on the region and rating organization. With its colorful blocky graphics, simple mechanics, and lack of graphic violence, it is visually and thematically appropriate for younger players.

Benefits of Playing Minecraft for Children: Creativity and Imagination: Minecraft operates much like a digital Lego land. It encourages players to build, modify, and design structures, which can stimulate a child's creativity and spatial intelligence.

Problem-Solving: Survival mode presents challenges like resource management, combating threats, and navigating terrains. This can foster a child's problem-solving and strategic planning skills.

Teamwork and Collaboration: When played in multiplayer mode, children learn to work together, delegate tasks, and collaborate on projects, fostering social skills and teamwork.

Learning Through Play: Minecraft has been used in educational settings around the world. Minecraft: Education Edition offers lessons in math, history, and science, turning the game into an interactive learning platform.

Coding and Technical Skills: With the introduction of Redstone (a Minecraft tool that mimics electrical circuitry) and various mods, players can get a basic understanding of logic circuits and even programming concepts.

Safe Online Environment: With parental controls and monitoring, Minecraft can be a relatively safe online space for kids to interact with real-world friends or to practice digital etiquette in monitored servers. With renting a Minecraft server you can limit your kids Minecraft server with a password to ensure only them and there friends can join.

Understanding Digital Environments: In today's digital age, having a comfort level with virtual worlds is beneficial. Minecraft can help kids become more digitally literate and understand the basics of virtual navigation at a far younger age that children who are not given the opportunity.

How To Wipe A World On Your Server

For a fresh start on your EUGameHost Minecraft server, first ensure you've saved or backed up any important data you wish to preserve or restore later. Then, halt your Minecraft server. Access the control panel and navigate to the game server settings. Here, locate the option to wipe the map/players and confirm your selection. Your EUGameHost Minecraft server will now be completely reset. You can now reboot your server, beginning anew with a completely fresh game.

To Remove a Player from Your Server

Initially, shut down your game server. Next, connect to your server using an FTP client at with your credentials. Alternatively, for ease, utilize the file manager in the control panel. Navigate to the 'world/playerdata' folder. Convert the player's username to a UUID using an online tool. Locate and delete the file corresponding to this UUID. Finally, reboot your Minecraft server

How Do I Setup Whitelist On My Server

First, access the control panel and head to the game server settings, then proceed to the console page.

Here, you can apply various whitelist commands: 'whitelist on' to activate the whitelist, 'whitelist add username' to add a user, 'whitelist list' to view the whitelist, 'whitelist remove username' to delete a user, 'whitelist reload' to refresh the whitelist, and 'whitelist off' to disable it.

After configuring as needed, restart your server to apply the changes

Adjusting Minecraft Server Difficulty

Begin by halting your Minecraft server. Then, log into the control panel and navigate to the game server options, where you'll find the server properties page.

Here, you can modify the difficulty setting. Standard Minecraft servers offer four difficulty levels: peaceful, easy, normal, and hard. Note that modpacks or mods might introduce extra difficulty options.

Once you've made your choice, reboot your Minecraft server. The new difficulty level will then be in effect

Adding Plugins to Your Server

Plugins are installable only on Minecraft servers running Spigot or Bukkit.

To add a plugin, download its .JAR file and upload it to the plugins folder using the control panel's file manager.

After uploading, restart your Minecraft server. The plugin should now be active. Verify by typing the 'plugins' command in the console, which lists all installed plugins.

Installing Mods on Your Server

Mods can be added to Minecraft servers with Forge.

Download the desired mod's .JAR file and upload it to the mods folder through the control panel's file manager, placing it in the root of the folder.

Restart your server to activate the mod, which will then be available in new or existing Minecraft games.

Uploading Your Own World

First, stop your Minecraft server. Prepare the world files you want to upload.

Transfer the files using an FTP client or the control panel's file manager. The files should go into the 'world' directory.

Becoming an Admin on Your Server

To become an admin, use the control panel. After setting up your Minecraft server, add your game user (not the hosting control panel user) as an admin.

Simply click 'game server' and then 'become admin' in the control panel. Regularly remove admin users who are no longer active. You can also use the "OP" command in console such as this "OP EUGAMEHOST" to add the user EUGAMEHOST to admin.

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