12Tbit Anycast DDoS Protection

Why Trust Our DDoS Protection

We source our DDoS protection from Path.net. They operate one of the largest global anycast networks and provide us our 12Tbps DDoS Protection

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Application Filters

Protect your server with application specific filters designed and built for your web or game server application to ensure only real traffic reachs your server.

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12Tbit Network

Your server is on one of the worlds largest anycast networks and will benifit from globally lower ping and advanced attack detection

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IP Tunnel

Order one of our VPS, VDS or dedicated services and tunnel your remote location through our network.

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Always On

We protect you better than other providers thanks to our always on multi-layer DDoS protection including L7

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Highly Reviewed

We are trusted by the best and have extensive experience in working with larger clients. We've been rated 4.8/5 stars!

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DDoS Protection Manager

We give you access to apply edge firewall rules and filters using our client area DDoS protection manager. You can even view attack reports!

12Tbps Anycast DDoS protection, Market leading!

We bring your server community the power of the Path.net 12Tbps anycast network. Path are the market leaders in game server DDoS protection and we proudly offer their protection to our clients!

  • 1.3Tbps+

    Largest DDoS Attack
  • 12Tbps

    Global Anycast Network
  • 5473+

    Total Servers Deployed (August 2022)