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7 Days to Die Server Hosting

It's so simple, we deliver lag free ready to play 7 Days To Die dedicated game server hosting backed by 17Tbps anycast DDoS protection that are easy to customise. Get started with EUGH Today!

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7 Days To Die Game Servers - Ready To Play

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Super Quick Setup

Our latest 7 Days To Die Server Hosting is deployed in only 60 seconds and is then ready to play or customise.

Premium Hardware

We use value-performance hardware ensuring we are the lowest cost lag free server hosting provider.

DDos Protection

17Tbps anycast DDoS protection provided by ensures our network is online and stable always.

Fast Support

Be it help uploading a local world or a general question about 7D2D servers we are here and happy to help.

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The Best 7D2D DDoS Protection

17Tbps Anycast DDoS Protection From

At EUGameHost, we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and reliability of your 7 Days To Die server. Boasting protection from, the market leaders in game server DDoS protection, we offer you the robust security of their 17Tbps anycast network. Our choice to use their network to provide an unrivaled level of protection against DDoS attacks gives you peace of mind and a seamless gaming experience.

7 Days To Die Game Info

What is 7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die" is a survival horror game blending first-person shooter, tower defense, and role-playing elements. Set in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with zombies, it emphasizes survival, requiring players to manage essentials like food, water, and shelter. Unique to the game is a seven-day cycle, climaxing in a zombie horde attack every seventh day, compelling players to strategically fortify their bases.

Players engage in extensive crafting and building, using gathered materials to create structures and defenses. The game features voxel-based terrain, allowing for creative base construction. Character progression is key, with experience points earned through various activities, enhancing skills in combat, resource gathering, and other areas.

Multiplayer modes offer cooperative and competitive play, adding a layer of interaction in the struggle for survival. "7 Days to Die" is notable for its open-world exploration in a large, randomly generated environment, essential for finding resources and facing diverse challenges. Overall, it offers an intense, strategy-oriented survival experience against a backdrop of constant zombie threats.

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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5

Common Questions About 7 Days To Die Hosting

Your Questions Answered

How do I generate a custom map for my 7 Days to Die server?

Stop your server and label your savegame. Navigate to the basic settings and select "RWG" for the gameworld. The "WorldGenSeed" determines the map's appearance. Input a seed of your choice and modify the map size in the "Worldgensize" section. After saving your changes, restart your server. For comprehensive guidance, consult the EUGameHost wiki.

How do I use my own and pre-installed mods on my 7 Days to Die server?

You have the option to upload custom mods to your server using FTP. It's important to ensure that these mods are server-compatible, as 7 Days To Die also includes client-specific mods that aren't suitable for server use. In the EUGameHost web interface, there's a dedicated "Mods" section. Here, you can easily toggle popular mods like Ravenhearst, Darkness Falls, and others using a slider. For a step-by-step guide on managing these mods, refer to the detailed instructions in the EUGameHost wiki.

Can I delete a world on my 7 Days to Die server?

Absolutely! At EUGameHost, we specialize in providing a superior Rust server experience, and that includes offering modded Rust server hosting. We support 1-click installs on Umod (Oxide), RustEdit, DiscordEXT, and even OxideSandBox for all you developers out there!

Our easy-to-use Rust plugin installer allows you to install plugins in just a single click. You can also upload any custom or private plugins you prefer. We understand that setting up your server just right can be a complex process, which is why we provide in-depth step-by-step Rust server guides and videos to help you configure your plugins to your liking.

We invite you to check out our Knowledgebase and YouTube channel to learn how to get started. With EUGameHost, you're not just getting a server - you're getting a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for all your Rust gaming needs.

How do I change server settings?

You can effortlessly modify your preferred server configurations through the eugamehost web interface. This includes options like deciding if you want villages, NPCs, animals, and other features in your seed, as well as setting the maximum build height. Once you've signed into the eugamehost website, you'll find all necessary menu items conveniently located on the left side, with various options accessible below.

What DDoS Protection Is Needed For 7D2D?

"DDoS, short for 'Distributed Denial of Service,' refers to a situation where a service is intentionally overloaded by a third party, rendering it inoperable. At eugamehost, we provide top-notch DDoS protection utilizing™ technologies, ensuring a multi-layered defense for an uninterrupted and optimal gaming experience.

If there is a 7d2d update, what do I need to do?

7 Days To Die is a game that's constantly evolving. Since its initial release, it has undergone many, many updates, introducing new mechanics, features, and improvements. These updates are crucial to keep the game fresh, engaging, and free of bugs and issues.

At EUGameHost, we understand the importance of these updates, and we strive to make the update process as simple as possible for our users. When a new 7d2d update is released, you don't need to worry about manually downloading and installing it. We've streamlined the entire process to a single click.

All you need to do is click the update button in your EUGameHost control panel. Our system will automatically download and install the update, ensuring that your Rust server is always running the latest version of the game. This includes updating all files and Oxide, if used.

This way, you can focus on what's important: enjoying your Rust gaming experience.

This is my first game server, can you help me if I get stuck?

Our dedicated customer support team at is always on standby, ready to assist you 24/7 with any server hosting queries. For immediate assistance, please use our Live Chat feature located at the bottom-right of our website. Alternatively, you can submit a support ticket for more detailed inquiries.

To further enhance your server management experience, we offer a comprehensive range of tutorials. These resources cover a wide array of topics, ensuring you have the support you need for every aspect of game server management.

For newcomers setting up a rental server for the first time, we highly recommend our informative Youtube Tutorials and a visit to our Knowledgebase for valuable insights and guidance.

If i don't like it can i get a refund?

Yes while we suspect you wont be needing this if you decide our services are not for you for any reason we can provide a full refund within the first 48 hours, we will however ask for the reason to enable us to improve.

How does customer support work?

We offer 24/7 emergency server support, this relates to the uptime of your hosting. We have strict monitoring in place and always have someone ready to jump into fix things. We offer general support on game server questions 7 days a week between 10AM and 8PM GMT, this relates to general customer support and setup help. We will often operate outside of these hours but not always.

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