All of our game servers include our powerful 480Gbps anti-DDoS game protection to deliver a uninterruptible gaming experience.

This technology provides two-way mitigation (incoming and outgoing traffic). Before players notice an attack, it will already have been thwarted by our systems.

Modern Hardware

We are the first provide to only use CPU's up to 4.7Ghz, DDR4 RAM and SSD hard drives ensuring the best performance possible at unbeatable prices.

We are constantly updating the hardware we use to ensure we remain a leading competitor in quality server performance.


We provide 24/7 English speaking UK and US support helping you to setup and configure your game server with the mods and settings you want.

We have an average support response time of under 20 minutes meaning you can minimize issues and stress.

Global Coverage

We have servers in the UK, France, Germany and US located in tier 1 data centers with direct 1Gbps network connections for stability and reliability

EUGameHost guarantees a near uninterruptible experience with stable networks, great protection and engineers on site 24/7 to resolve issues fast.



The best dedicated game servers are hosted on Ryzen 3950x CPU’s overclocked to a extreme of 5Ghz, with DDR4 RAM and SSD hard drives we can guarantee amazing performance and fast save times every time. The modern solution to Dedicated Rust Server Hosting.